Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a scam?

No it's not a scam:) 

Fancharm operates as a registered LLC in California, USA. We are experienced software engineers from leading Silicon Valley tech companies and just like OnlyFans itself, we are building a legitimate software company in the adult entertainment world. Our mission is to empower creators to maximize their earnings potential.

Why is Fancharm free?

Our free tier lets you try all of our basic features and does not require a credit card. If you want to send more messages you can subscribe to our paid tiers.

What does Fancharm do?

We currently have four features:
1. Auto-message Reddit users who commented on your posts
2. Auto-reply to Reddit users who wrote you a direct message
3. Schedule posts for multiple subreddits
4. Auto-follow anyone who comments on your posts or sends you a message

Next we are building more ways to quickly reply to individual messages and a way to schedule photos to be posted in multiple subreddits.

We are always looking for feedback. Seriously, message us and we will build you the tools to be successful!

Is it safe to share access to my Reddit account?

Yes, logging in with your Reddit account is 100% safe.

Similar to "Login with Facebook" and "Login with Google," logging in with your Reddit account is a convenient and safe way to let Fancharm send messages on your behalf. Fancharm will never get full control over your account nor get access to your password or other sensitive information. Other than what is available publicly, Reddit will only grant Fancharm access to your Inbox which is needed to help you manage your messages.

Will Reddit ban me for using Fancharm?

No, using Fancharm is completely safe and will not violate any of Reddit's rules. Fancharm uses the official Reddit API (application programming interface) and fully complies with its terms of service. There are limits as to how many requests Fancharm can make to Reddit per minute and we stay well within those limits.

Furthermore, when you send messages to many users via Fancharm, we will space those out over time so that you will send a maximum of one message per minute. No account has ever been flagged or banned for using Fancharm.

Is Fancharm only for OnlyFans creators?

Any creator on Reddit can use Fancharm. While we primarily optimize our functionality for the needs of OnlyFans creators, we welcome everyone to use our software to engage with their audience on Reddit.

More questions?

Unlike many other companies, we live and breathe customer service! Please send us any question and I, Sam, co-founder and CEO, will personally reply as soon as I can! Seriously, we love questions and feedback :)